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By: Thomas Carrall
April 17, 2024
Suburb Update

Staying informed about the real estate market is crucial for any homeowner, whether you're considering selling your home, looking to make a move, or simply curious about property values. 

As your local real estate agency we have put together an update for you on what's been happening in your area real estate market over the past month. We'll be sharing the latest numbers, including the number of properties sold, the median sale price, and how the market has been performing lately. So, sit back, relax, and let's dive into the latest updates!

Here are some quick stats for Maryland over the past month.

Number of properties sold: 7

Highest Sale price: $861,000

Median Sale price: $775,000

Growth*(Mar - Apr): ≈+6% 

Here are all the Sales in your area over the last month:

ADDRESS                 PRICE            DATE

28 HARDES AVE     $618,000      5-Apr

10 KOOWONG ST   $620,000      5-Apr

129 CALLAN AVE    $741,500       18-Mar

27 ARCHER CRES   $775,000      5-Apr

15 PROSPERO ST    $785,000      4-Apr

7 KOOMBOOL AVE  $845,000     22-Mar

9 BOWERBIRD ST    $861,000      15-Apr 

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